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    Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. ― Malcolm X

     “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.  ― Zig Ziglar

    Why should you study in the US?

    Let’s get to know some facts about USA:

    58 US universities are ranked in world’s top 100
    Universities offer world class education with top class scholarships
    An established hassle free transition from education to industry (F1 – OPT – H1B – Green Card – Citizenship)
    A leader unparalleled in Science and technology. Leads the world in innovation
    Worlds #1 economy ($ 20.8 trillion). A true land of opportunities to establish your career

    "Become a CEO or own a business. Bring out the leader in you!!"

         News Flash!!: Joe Biden government‘s proposed changes in US Citizenship Act 2021

    Provide permanent residence, without numerical limits, to international students with PhDs in science, technology, engineering, and math fields from US universities
    Eliminate the per country cap for employment-based green cards, a move that would benefit hundreds and thousands of Indian professionals
    Dependents of H-1B can get work authorization

    What IAEC offers!

    Profile Evaluation

    An objective assessment of your profile (GPA, GRE, TOEFL/IELTS etc) is done by our counsellors and your desired universities are thoroughly considered. But our counsellors know that you still want to improvise on your profile. How do we do? Let’s get to your SOP & Recommendation letters… perfect write-ups can uplift your profile. So we don’t stop at profile evaluation, we offer profile enhancement.

    University Short-Listing

    University short-listing is done not just based on your profile. We keep in view your passion for a subject / specialization, budgetary limitations, location preference, University-industry interface etc. Universities which are perfectly matched to your profile and which are a best fit to your interests and needs are shortlisted.

    Scholarship Info

    Get the real taste of our 20 years of experience in US education. Scholarships, Assistantships, Financial aid, earned Internships – you name it!! You will have all the information on the table along with all the guidelines and time tested tips to make your scholarship applications successful.

    Application Process

    Leave the cumbersome process to us. Let us work on your Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation – the documents which convey the real ‘you’ to the admissions committee – your goals and aspirations, your plan of action to reach them, what your previous mentors think of your intellectual abilities, social skills and personality traits…. All play a role in securing admissions from your dream universities.

    Visa Guidance

    Yes, the final and most crucial step. Answer your visa interview questions with complete clarity and conviction. Let there be logic and reasoning in your every sentence. Questions regarding your chosen university, program, costs involved, future plans are commonly asked but your answers should be convincing. Yes, of course, we will help you prepare and perform.

    Post Study Career Advice

    We provide information on Optional Practical Training (3 years for STEM students) and H-1B visa processing. Not just this. We know you need more assistance – on your CV preparation, Job interview skills, networking strategies etc. Be rest assured, we are always with you.

    Why IAEC?

    IAEC consultants Pvt Ltd (8 offices and 140+ staff) is serving student community since the year 2000
    Sent 15,000+ students abroad (US, UK and Australia) so far
    We have placed students in almost all top ranked universities
    Official representative of 200+ universities

    Note: When dealing with students, our focus is on continuous up-gradation of the following four fundamentals – knowledge, care and concern for students, solving students’ problems and timeliness. This is permeated into the entire structure and all the processes of the company and hence gets translated into generating Confidence, Comfort, Hope and Satisfaction to the student.


    Any one who is looking for a transparent and hussle free process can contact this consultancy. I've applied to US taking the assistance of Padma ma'am who will guide you through universities with scholarship suitable to your profile and Praveen sir will guide you through mock interviews which are exceptionally good to prepare you for the interview. I would also like to say that whole staff of IAEC is professional, up and ready to help you anyway possible with your application. So before deciding which consultant to choose I recommend you to once visit IAEC.

    Ismail Mohammed

    Thank you so much IAEC team Dilsukhnagar, I have approached Afsha and she helped me well. Padma madam also helped a lot in our process from starting to ending. I suggest IAEC Dilsukhnagar especially if anyone has future plans on abroad studies. It was good experience. Thank you so much Padma , Afsha ma’am and Praveen sir also for providing all the required knowledge through mock interviews. Good teamwork.

    Adepu Srinivas

    One year of relation with IAEC CONSULTANTS (NARAYANGUDA) was an wonderful experience for planning to study abroad. A heartfull thanks to Mrs.Kalpana Madam ,you are the one who guided me in every tough situation without hesitating to take my calls and your way of guiding me in a positive way is remarkable. A special thanks to Kalpana Madam who led me and the entire team. 
    Thanks a lot for ur entire NARAYANGUDA IAEC CONSULTANCY TEAM for guiding me for my better future

    Syeda Fatima

    This is a very good consultancy. People here are very helpful and assist me throughout the process right from applications to conducting mock on interviews. They follow the genuine proceedings and easy process and keep the individual updated all along. I had a very good experience and they offer best services to the students. Special thanks to Srikanth sir,vinay sir, arvind sir responded quickly and helped me throughout the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend IAEC CONSULTANCY(As rao nagar) to all those who wishes to study abroad. Thank you to whole team. I would rate 10/10 .

    Geetha Chigurupati

    Thanks a lot to IAEC Consultants Pvt Ltd, Narayanguda, I had a great experience with this office. Great work done and we can easily see the efforts put on the students to get success. The Information provided here are very helpful all the time. A special thanks to Kalpana Mam for being so responsive and supportive throughout the process. I will refer more and more friends to IAEC for sure.

    Pokuri Ravi Sai Kiran

    IAEC is the one of the best consultancy in hyderabad for the student who are planning to study abroad, I thank Rajshekar reddy sir, praveen sir and the whole staff for the guidance Thankyou IAEC for your guidance and thankyou praveen sir

    Shyam Pradeep Pola

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