Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), is a standardized test designed evaluate the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English. It is a mandatory test to be taken for admission into any course in the USA and Canada. Nowadays, the scope for its acceptability has crossed borders beyond boundaries.

TOEFL assesses the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand North American English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and universities. We have the test available in a computer-based format in India.

The TOEFL is developed and administered by the US-based “Educational Testing Service” (ETS). For the conduct of the test, ETS has appointed Testing Agencies in various countries, which act as their franchisee. In India, this agency is the “Sylvan Testing Services Pvt Ltd” which administers the test at 9 centers in the country, which are:

New Delhi


  • #402, 4th Floor, Gurupartha Estates, Narayanguda, Hyderabad – 500 029
  • +91-9966435511

Computer based TOEFL is held all-round-the-year. The test is administered in the above cities five-days-a-week (Monday through Friday), twice-a-day. Registering at least three days in advance is mandatory.

The computer-based TOEFL test has four sections

Listening section : ( 30 – 50 questions, Duration: 40 60 min )

Listening section measures the ability of the test taker to understand spoken English.

Structure section : ( 20 – 25 questions, Duration: 15 – 20 min )

Structure section measures the ability of the test taker to recognize standard written English.

Reading section : ( 4460 questions, Duration: 70 – 90 min )

Reading section measures the ability of the test taker to understand short passages that are similar to the formats used in the academic texts.

Writing section : ( 1 Essay, Duration: 30 min )

Writing section measures the ability of the test taker to write in English on the given topic.

A good score in TOEFL plays a key role in admission as well as in obtaining financial aid in the form of teaching assistantships. The higher the score, the brighter are one’s chances with most U.S and Canadian universities. Maximizing the score thus becomes the key.

General information reg TOEFL Test

Website : (Online Registration for test)

Type of Tests : Computer Based Test, for a max score of 300 

Number of Sections : 4 (Listening, Reading, Structure & Writing)

Duration : 3 hours 30 minutes

Fee : US $ 130 test (CBT) US $ 15 Additional score report request

DD Favoring : TOEFL-ETS, payable at Princeton (NJ), USA

Score Reporting

To institutions : 2-5 Weeks

No of Tests : Throughout Year

Number of free scores reports : 4 to the universities and one to the applicant

Additional Score Report Fee : US $ 15 per report

Validity of Test Scores : 2 Years

Decent Score Range : 230 -250

Method of Registration

Step-1: Getting the Forms/Bulletins

Initially, the candidate needs to obtain a Test Bulletin. The Bulletin, which is supplied free of cost, can be obtained from the following sources:

Sylvan Testing Offices:- only in person you could visit the Sylvan testing office in your city and take a form from their office.
Alternatively, you may download the application form and bulletins From the website (Online Registration for test)

Step-2 : Registration

The next step is Registration, which can be done in any one of the following ways:

1) Through E-Mail: Fill-in the form (INTERNATIONAL TEST SCHEDULING FORM) and send the same, along with payment by DD (only in the form of U.S Dollars) directly to the Regional Registration Centers of Sylvan in Delhi.

The address is:

Sylvan Testing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Senior Plaza, 160-A, Gautam Nagar, Yusuf Sarai, Behind Indian Oil Building, New Delhi-110049, India. Ph: (011) 2651-1649 Fax: (011)2652-9741

2) Through Fax: Fill in the International Test Scheduling Form and fax the same to the Regional Registration Center – at least SEVEN DAYS prior to your first choice test date.

Note: You need to use your International Credit card, for payment in US $ only.

3) Through Phone: This is generally the fastest way to register. Also, you do not need a form to register by phone. Call the Regional registration center in New Delhi (Phone No.: 011-26511649) at least 3 business days prior to your preferred test date. You will be given an appointment confirmation number, test date, reporting time and address of the test center.

Note: You will need an international credit card to register by phone and along with that you will need the following information to register by phone: 

  1. First Name, Family name, Middle name of the applicant
  2. Complete mailing address of the applicant with pin code
  3. Date of Birth of the applicant
  4. A phone number where the applicant can be contacted
  5. An international credit card number and expiry date
  6. Full name of the credit card holder
  7. The lines are usually engaged because of the large number of calls that they get from all over the country. The only solution is to keep trying till you get through. There just one number
  8. You do not need a passport to register for these tests. However, you will need a passport on the test day or you will not be allowed to take the test
  9. Please note that two forms of identification is mandatory on the test day, one of which must be your valid passport
  10. To ensure that you get a test date of your choice, register at least one to one and one half months before the required date and three months before for dates in January and March!