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Study in Poland

Education in Poland

Poland is one of the well-known study abroad destinations located in the heart of Europe. It offers several educational facilities starting from top Universities to attractive lifestyle. Some of the well demarcated reasons for which international students choose to study in Poland over other countries are cited herein – Firstly, Poland offer reasonable price of living and the tuition fees is also far less as compared to any other University in Europe. Although the country is developing economically, but the cost of living as well as living in Poland have not intensified dramatically. It is hard to believe but 200 -400 Euros is more than enough for students to meet their basic needs in Poland.

Due to growing economy, the GDP rate for Poland has become nearly 5% in the past few years. In the recent years the rate of unemployment has declined noticeably. In the previous years the unemployment rate was around 20%, but in 2014 it reduced to 11%. In addition to this, the wages of working professionals in Poland have grown at an increasing rate of almost 15%. Hence, in the recent years Poland has evolved as one of the leading nations in terms of international education, thereby drawing many students from different parts of the world.

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    Educational Institutions in Poland

    Higher educational institutions in Poland can be divided into two categories – Public & private. The public institutions are entirely or partially funded by the state whereas the private institutions are fully supported by private funds. At present there are more than 400 higher educational institutions in Poland.

    The first cycle of studies in Poland last for three years and is meant for giving away the Bachelors (or Engineer's) degree fin Polish - Licencjat)
    The second cycle of education is as long as two years and is meant to give away students Master's Degree. This in turn empowers the students to continue with their education and think about pursuing PhD or begin to work
    The third cycle of studies take 3 to 4 years and can also be done by the students who has Masters Degree. In order to receive a doctoral degree in Poland, a student is required to pass the doctoral examination, write and present the dissertation before a committee
    The longest cycle of studies last 4 to 5 years, depending on the field one chooses. Once this study cycle is complete students earn a Master's Degree
    Summer courses also play a significant role in the educational structure of Poland. These courses are done by students during summer vacation (i.e July to September) and last for several weeks

    A Bachelor degree is awarded after three or four years of study, while a Master’s degree is awarded on successful completion of the second phase of academic higher education, lasting one or two years. Only graduates holding a master’s degree or equivalent degree is permitted to take up doctoral studies.

    Educational Programs in Poland Include

    Laboratory Classes
    Discussion Groups & Seminars

    Many students attend lectures every day. Also, they play an active role during seminars so that they can make full use of practical knowledge. The classes are meant to promote interaction among students and each class consist or 25 -30 students as a group. The purpose of these group classes is to promote interaction and assist students in improving their critical thinking and transferable skills.

    Language Required to Study in Poland

    Students who have good command over English language can easily study in Polish Universities. There are polish courses for beginners as well. In order to attend a university course in Poland, a student need to improve his/her language skills.

    Students who have a good command over English have a great opportunity to study at the majority of the top Polish universities. Most universities offer Polish courses for beginners.

    Students who want to attend a university course in Polish, need to prove their language skills. However, a student can attend courses in polish only when he/she passes a polish language test. For international students language courses are available throughout the whole year. In Poland It is mandatory for students to study at least one foreign language from English, Russian, German and French.