Study in Italy


Study in Italy

Italy is a land of scenic beauty, charming old monuments, amicable people and delightful food. It is rich in traditional culture, history, as well as world heritage sites that students would love to visit during their stay in Italy. However, its the top-notch Universities in Italy that are responsible for pulling the attention of international students as a perfect destination for foreign education.

Why Take Education in Italy

The Universities in Italy are the oldest in the western world and were established in 12th century. As a result of restructuring of its education system the concept of University institutions originated in the rest of Europe. The great historical aura, scenic beauty, and breathtaking sites make Italy an education destination sure to provide aesthetic experience to its students. Subjects like fashion, design, applied sciences, engineering arts & architecture are the most sought after in Italy’s system of higher education.

Italy has been the most popular study abroad destination among students since ages. It offers high quality education at affordable tuition fee as compared to other Western European Countries.

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    Highlights of Education System in Italy

    There are almost 71 Universities in Italy, of which majority are publicly funded Education system in Italy has implemented the Nuovo Ordinamento system under the Bologna Process, thereby replacing the former Vecchio Ordinamento A total of 30 Italian Universities bagged the prestigious QS World University Rankings® for 2017-2018.

    The Education System in Italy

    In the 1990s, Italy’s education system went through a reformation based on the Bologna Process, aimed to build a compatible system of education throughout Europe. Higher education system in Italy is divided into two articulations – University Sector & Non-University Sector.

    58 state Universities
    17 Non-State Universities
    2 Universities for foreigners
    6 higher schools specialized in postgraduate studies
    6 telemetric universities
    The Non-University Sector

    Higher Schools of Design: For academics of fine arts, higher institutes for applied arts, polytechnics for arts, music conservatories and recognized music institute national academies, higher institutes for musical and choreographic studies and more
    Higher Integrated Education (FIS): Programs of higher technical education & training (IFT'S)
    Higher education in language mediation: higher schools for language mediators
    Other Fields: Other specific fields like diploma, archiving military studies, etc which along their respective institutions fall under the management of ministries other than that of education