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Higher Education in Czech Republic

Higher education in Czech Republic is of very high quality.! Cs education system dates back to 600 years. The first University was founded by Charles IV in 1348 in Prague which is the oldest academic institution in in Central Europe and is known by the name of Charles University.

Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports is the governing body for higher education in Czech Republic. The quality of higher education is however maintained by the Accreditation Commission. In 2001, a three-cycle structure was implemented in the higher education system like Bachelors, Master’s and Doctoral Study Programs.

Long History of Quality Education

Czech Republic bears long history of providing high quality education in Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering. The Charles University in Prague was established in 1348 and is one of the oldest University in Central Europe. And, the task of maintaining the quality of education in various educational institutions remains with the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports.

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    Wide Range of Study Programs

    Universities in Czech Republic are known to have long-standing reputation for offering unique specialization to its students. As a result, many students come to study here to acquire their degree in a wide range of newly emerging disciplines.

    Education Opportunities for International Students

    More than 37,000 foreign students are studying in the educational institutions of Czech Republic and the number is still increasing. More and more students choose to enroll themselves in the Universities of Czech Republic as they offer the study programs in foreign language, especially in English. In addition to this, Czech Universities are involved in most of the international co-operation activities & programs happening in the European Union and other countries.

    Well-Localized in the Heart of Europe

    Situated in the middle of Europe, Czech Republic offers great chances to students to discover all the European countries and place while pursuing their studies. This makes it one of the favorite education destinations for students.

    Cultural Diversity & Fascinating Experience

    Czech Republic is the heart of many cultures. Historically its culture was mainly formed by Slavonic, German (Austrian) and Jewish influence that resulted in a rich cultural heritage and lifestyle that is sure to entertain students while they pursue their studies!