Study in Latvia

Education in Latvia

Latvia is well-known for offering good quality Masters Degree with a curriculum that offers courses with a global and cross-cultural touch. Courses in Masters Degree are imparted in a wide variety of languages like Latvian, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian although most of the programs are in English. Also, the cost of living and education is very affordable including tuition fees and cost of living.

System of Education in Latvia

Both state funded and free paying education system is available in Latvia. However, higher education institutes carry out certain test for student selection so that the deserving students can get advantage of public funding.

Latvia has two kinds of higher education programs – academic and professional. Universities offer both academic and professional education, while the Non-University type educational systems provide only professional education.

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    Academic Higher Education System in Latvia

    This system of education follows Bologna system and is divided into three levels:

    Bachelor's studies
    Master's studies
    Doctoral studies

    A Bachelor degree is awarded after three or four years of study, while a Master’s degree is awarded on successful completion of the second phase of academic higher education, lasting one or two years. Only graduates holding a master’s degree or equivalent degree is permitted to take up doctoral studies.

    Universities in Latvia

    There are around 60 state and private colleges, university colleges and universities in Latvia. More than 50 of which are established since Latvia became an independent nation from the Soviet Union in 1990.

    Tuition fees for master’s degree program at public schools is nearly about €1,700/year for EU/EEA and about €3,700 for all other international students.

    Academic Session

    Academic session in Latvia is divided into semesters (autumn and spring) that usually starts in September and ends in June. Each semester is a program of 20 weeks that ends with a final examination.

    After obtaining the Masters Degree, students are able to seek a job in Latvia and other surrounding countries. Most students are required to show a job invitation from a reliable authority before applying for a visa and work permit But students with some techno scientific skills may get a work permit without a job offer.