Study in Germany

About Germany

Germany has always been considered as the land of ideas, it comprises of 16 states and the largest city is Berlin. It is not only the most popular member state and the largest economy, but it is also one of the major political powers of the German continent and a technological leader in many fields. The currency of Germany is Euros.

Highlighting Features of Germany

According to British Councils Global Gauge Survey Germany was counted amongst one of the most supportive countries for the international students in the year 2011. And, between 2015 – 2016, German Government invested EUR 21 billion in Germany on higher education & research. Forty-five of its Top Universities are placed among then top 1000 Universities of the world, and 14 of its Top Universities comes under the top 200 Universities of the world according to a ranking list by Times Higher Education. In addition to this, Germany is a country ranked at 2nd place in research & development that produced 102 noble laureates of the total 840 noble prizes issued till date.

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    Things to Remember About Education in Germany

    Universities in Germany are funded by state; industry and public and offer the most cost-effective study options with no or nominal tuition fee
    As more than 2,50,000 International students come to Germany for studies every year, getting admission in Germany becomes highly competitive
    Germany offers good quality education that ensures student gains profound knowledge and skills to meet the challenges in different fields
    Degrees awarded by German Universities are recognized and globally accepted all over the world
    German Universities design their educational programs in a way that allow interaction of students with the industry and companies operating in the same sector
    The exposure that German Universities offers to its students through collaboration with different industries allow students to pursue internship in different sectors which ensure their future development in the best possible way
    International students get the opportunity to work part-time for maximum of 20 hours per week and 90 full days in a calendar year
    After completion of studies students can extend their stay in Germany for 18 months
    Processing study VISA in Germany is hassle free with IELTS or TOEFL to be a prerequisite for admission and VISA
    Employment & Job Opportunities in Germany

    International students who have completed their studies in Germany consider it to be an amazing workplace. They are not only able to draw lucrative salaries, but also generous benefits and state-mandated job protection. Besides, in some of the industries the working hours have been reduced to 35 hours/week.

    Also, Germany offers a remarkable range of occupations with many of them requiring formal qualification. It has an apprenticeship system that conducts a 2-3 year of hands-on training program on young workers which they need to pass. Appearing and passing in this exam is mandatory in order to enter the real labour market Thus, if you have a formal qualification like doctors, nurses, and teachers, etc its required to be certified by a competent German Authority to get a job!