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Job Seeker VISA

The job seeker visa for Germany is a long-term residency permit, that allows you to remain within the country for 6 months and appearance for employment. If at the top of the six months you have got found an area of employment, you’ll be the work visa or a Germany working papers and you’ll be allowed to figure and live there. Please note that having employment seeker visa doesn’t enable you to start out operating directly in Germany. It solely implies that you’ll be able to visit the country and look for a job while you stay.

In order to obtain this visa, you need the following
Be eligible to apply
Compile all the necessary documents
Book your visa appointment and fill out an application
Eligibility of applicants

There are several criteria that you need to fulfil to be eligible to apply the Germany job seeker visa. There are as follows:

Hold a Bachelor of Master's Degree from a German university on an equivalent foreign degree
Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in your related field of study
Show proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay during the time you are in Germany
Have a travel or medical insurance for your entire stay in Germany or until you get your work permit
Visit VISA

A Schengen tourism / visitor visa to Germany is a visa established by the Schengen states, which gives the opportunity to its holder to visit not only Germany, but also all of the 26 Schengen member countries. It is issued in the form of a sticker affixed to the passport of the traveler.

The Schengen visa for tourism purposes or visiting friends and family members, limits you to only travelling and sightseeing throughout the Schengen area. To obtain this visa a traveler should collect the required documents, attend e visa interview, and pay the visa fee.

Depending on the purpose of entry, one can apply for one of the following Schengen visa types:

Tourism Visa
Visa for visiting friends / family members
Business Visa
Medical Visa
Study Visa
Training / Internship Visa

On the other hand depending on the times one needs to enter Schengen, one can apply for:

A single entry visa- which permits you to enter the Schengen states only once
A double entry visa- that permits you to return once more after you have left
A multiple entry visa - which permits you can enter the Schengen states as many times as you wish within a period of 3 or 5 years
Business VISA

Since germany business visa is a short-stay visa, your nationality is the main decisive factor whether you need to obtain this visa or not there are 62 countries under the visa- waiver program, the citizens of which do not need to be in possession of this document in order to enter germany and the schengen area in general.

How to Apply ?


There are number of requirements for all types of German visas, which you will have to meet one by one, in order to be able to obtain a visa that allows you to enter the country. Usually, these requirements are separated into two groups, the commonly required documents for a Germany visa that are also required for every type of visa and the visa specific required documents.

Specific requirements for business Visa:

Your company bank statements from the previous three months
Business References
Invitation letter from the business partner in Germany in English or German, mentioning the invitee details, the dates and purpose of the trip with detailed schedule of the business meetings or trainings (day to day schedule).
Detailed schedule of your business, meetings (only for stays over 30 days)
Company covering letter with entire travel plan (itinerary) mentioning your position, duration of your service, the dates and purpose of the trip and if your expenses are being covered by the employer or not
Certificate of incorporation of the company
Make sure you have the photocopies of each of these documents
The embassy has the right to ask you to submit extra documents if they see it necessary. If they do so, make sure to submit those documents within the given deadline
Tourist VISA

Below is the exhaustive list of documents required for Tourist Visa to Germany-Original Valid passport for 06 months from the date of travel a Old passport.

Visa Application forms:

2 photographs : 35X45mm, white background matt finish, 80% face size
Covering letter (on company letterhead if self-employed)
Hotel Voucher
Return Ticket
Day to Day Itinerary
Travel Insurance
Income tax returns / Form 16 for last 3 years
Original saving Bank Statements last 6 months updated with healthy balance
Salary Slips for last 3 months - if employed
Original Leave Letter on Company letterhead - if employed
Retire proof /Pension order- if retired
Business Registration - if self-employed
Student id and bonafide letter - if student
HOC letter from husband /father if single lady traveling
Family Friend Visit

Original Valid passport for 06 months from the date of travel a Old passport.

Online visa application form:

2 photographs : 35X45mm, white background matt finish, 80% face size
Covering letter mentioning the details of traveller and applicants
Return Ticket
Travel Insurance
Income tax returns / Form 16 for last 3 years
Original personal bank statements for last 6 months updated with healthy and sufficient balance
Salary Slips for last 3 months - if employed
Original Leave Letter from Employer/School/University- if employed
Company registration, Shop Act, MOA etc - if self-employed
Retire proof /Pension order- if retired
Student id and bonafide letter - if student
Documents required from Family/friend - Passport & Visa copies
Invitation Letter mentioning details of applicant, visit information
Verpfiichtungserklarung (formal obligation letter) if the inviting person is sponsoring the trip
Minors - If travelling unaccompanied by parent(s), consent letter signed by both parents & applicant Form signed by both parents. Copy of the parent(s)' passports data page

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