Documentation for securing Admission

A well-prepared application is the first step towards securing admission. Usually without prior experience, it’s quite cumbersome to submit a perfect application and being thorough with the documents that shall be evaluated and attached. An incomplete application is usually delayed or discarded or misinterpreted by the college authorities. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to foresee exhaustively for all application details before sending the application finally. Most students are unaware of the application procedures and documentation required, that’s why we have experienced counselors to assist at every step of the application procedure and documentation.

Documentation for VISA Counseling

Once the student has received an 1-20 (Admission Letter) from a particular University, the candidate should feel free to contact our counselors who will guide them through the visa procedures involved. The help offered from the experts doesn’t merely end but begins at this juncture; we help the student get in touch with the concerned Embassy and guide him in preparing necessary documents for obtaining a visa. In other words, we work very closely with the student giving him every necessary input so that he comes out in flying colors.

Our organisation counsels the students for their visa interview by giving tips on the interview sessions. We regularly collect latest details about the immigration, visa procedure of various countries. This provides assurance of prompt and updated service, every time.