Refund Policy

Refund Policy:

  1. The services provided by the Company being professional in nature, the entire fee for the services provided are non-refundable. However, 25% of fees will be refunded if the applicant visa gets refused by the respective visa office.
  2. Since, Visa Processing Fee is being paid to the processing Visa Office; refund of same shall not be claimed from the Company.
  3. Taxes (if any) paid shall not be refundable.
  4. In case, the client has been given any discount on the fee payable to the company the same would be deducted from any amount refunded to the client.

The Company will not refund any of the total fees and shall be entitled to full payment from the client if:

  1. Once the client signs this contract and after that he/she does not wish to proceed further for any reason whatsoever(personal or any).This means that even if client cancels the process/contract after  signing the agreement with the company ,the company will not refund any amount . The client can’t claim that no processing is done as the core aspect is knowledge and most of the information is shared with the client immediately after client retains company’s services. The client should be very clear on this before signing the agreement.
  2. 100% non-refundable if you fail to submit the required documents within 45 days of sign up.
  3. The client fails to complete the immigration process by non-appearance in interview and/or by not undergoing the medical instructions or re medical instructions or by any other ways.
  4. The client does not co-operate towards completion of this agreement in any manner.
  5. The client does not acquire information, knowledge, education and skills including computer skills as per the advice of the company.
  6. The case gets rejected after the client corresponds or communicates directly with the Visa Office without written consent of the company.
  7. The client does not submit the documents required by the Visa Office and advised by the Company for processing of the immigration case within the time prescribed by the Respective Authority or as advised by the Company.
  8. The client breaches all or any of the terms of this agreement by providing false information, fake documents and/or commits any other sort of fraud or misrepresentation or by any other means.
  9. 100% non refundable if failure to provide the sufficient language (IELTS / PTE) scores mentioned in assessment report.
  10. Canada job bank profile promotion service doesn’t guarantee profile selection by employers, However IAEC will put their best efforts to get a response in case there is no response, the refund clause is not applicable and client cannot claim for refund.
  11. 100% non-refundable in case of negative result being delivered by WES department as the educational Documentation approval is their independent decision.
  12. 100% non-refundable in case the rules are changed by the respective immigration agencies or closure of cap. However, you can shift to the different process if clients profile is qualified.
  13. 100% non-refundable if failure of medicals by the client or his or her family members included in the application.
  14. Failure to provide a genuine Police Clearance Certificate, which is not less than 6 month old.
  15. Failure to provide sufficient funds for settlement or maintenance by the client or his or her family members included in the application.
  16. The case gets rejected due to the reason that the client could not withstand all the background checks conducted by the Immigration Authorities.
  17. If it becomes impossible to meet the objective of the agreement due to reasons like client having medical problems, having civil/criminal charges, national security reasons of Australia and Canada , changes in immigration and skill assessment rules and/or any other reasons.
  18. In case the client does not submit documents required as per the checklist for case filing within 45 days from retaining the services, and in the meantime the Immigration Authorities change the Laws and/or polices, OR after the case is filed (for Skill /Education assessment or visa filing) and the rules get changed and client case is affected, the Company shall not be under any liability to refund the fee paid by the client. However, the Client is expected to cooperate till the Company takes up measures to remove the hindrance or resolve the crisis.
  19. The client is expected to disclose complete information about himself/herself and dependants in the assessment form/CV truly and correctly at the time of retaining services of the Company so that he/she may be assessed correctly. If at a later stage, the client comes up with some different information whereby he/she becomes disqualified, he/she shall not be entitled to claim any refund from the company for the services provided.
  20. 100% non refundable in case of application quota reaches by the immigration authorities of Australia and Canada as it is a CAP system.
  21. The authority of the Company to act on the Client’s behalf shall include all of Client’s family members included in the application and provisions of this Agreement shall be applicable to other family members of the Client as well.

All the refund cases would be cleared within 90days. To claim refund, the rejection letters (including letter after re-appeal) needs to be produced