Our Services

Eligibility Assessment

Eligibility assessment is taken to know an individual’s ability to qualify for a particular visa. It is important to know if the individual is clear in understanding where to go and what to do.

Comprehensive Profile Evaluation

Profile evaluation is done based on the eligibility assessment.This is an important step to further evaluate the individual’sprofile thoroughly for its chances to get an invitation from the High Commission and / or suggest ways to secure the same

Language Coaching

Going to a particular country will require good based on the profile evaluation we can help you reach your goal by assisting you in language training

Resume Building

For any purpose resume is one thing that describes an individual’s potential. Therefore, we are here to build your resume in an effective way that will help you accomplish your goals.

Job Assistance

Based in the field you are willing to go to a foreign country to work over, it is important you know what are the best options for your talent, we promise to give you the best job assistance for a good future by aggressively marketing your resume

Forms and Documentation

We’ll help you with every bit of documentation and guide you fill up all forms that are required to be filled and ensure an error free process.

VISA Application

The final step will be applying for the visa based on all of the above qualifications. We will ensure that you meet all the criteria required for the relevant visa category to ensure a successful outcome

Post Landing Services

We will take care of your post landing services also until you get a hang of the new environment namely, Airport pickup, temporary accommodation, Bank account opening and guidance on job search.